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Bunching Machine

The bunching process can be explained as follows: various wires coming into a bunching. machine that will be in charge of assembling them into a bunch or a strand. The phase stranding process consists of assembling some strands or cables for the construction of a multi-conductor cable. Depending on the shape of its cross-section, this process can be called round stranding or sectoral stranding.

Being that, bunching. stranding. machine is widely be used for bare copper(BC) wire, Aluminum wire, enameled wire, tinned copper(TC) wire, copper-clad aluminum(CCA) wire, copper-clad steel (CCS) wire, copper-clad copper(CCC) wire, copper-clad aluminum-magnesium(CCAM) wire, copper-clad alloy aluminum(CCAA) wire, etc.

Double twist stranding. bunching machine which runs on a process with no back twist. Suitable for the stranding of 7 copper wires (class 2) as well as for bunching of multiple fine copper wires (class 5). Additionally, this machine can be used for laying up of21314 cores of small size building wires. With its steady twisting pitch and high-speed performance, it is being the best choice for power cables, HDMI cables and communication cables production .

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